A good editor is an advocate,
                  not an adversary.

                                        -- Shannon Littlejohn

Editing  −  Proofreading  −  Writing  −  Consulting

Shannon Littlejohn is a seasoned editor with 17 years of journalistic experience and 12 years in graphic arts. She offers editing, writing and consulting on contractual or freelance basis.

Projects include:

  • Book and manuscript editing
  • Pre-press proofreading of monthly and quarterly publications
  • Editing and proofreading of studies
  • Reports and feature/news articles
  • Consulting on newsletter creation
  • Small journalistic publications
  • Language skills and media access
  • Writing feature/news articles
  • Press releases
  • Proposals
  • Reports

As commentary editor for The Wichita Eagle for 11-1/2 years, Littlejohn reviewed and solicited submissions, selecting or rejecting for publication letters to the editor, bylined local commentaries and syndicated columns. Edited all commentary, including letters, bylined pieces and staff-written editorials, for length, content, clarity and grammar; wrote columns about local commentaries, newspaper content and language usage.

As principle of Shannon Littlejohn Communications for the past six years, Littlejohn has edited monthly and quarterly newspapers and magazines; textbook and fiction manuscripts; grant summaries and proposals. She has written countless feature articles, news releases, reports and grant summaries, and is continually working on her own creative projects.

    Phone: (316) 686-5445
    Cell: (316) 253-8639